Whalen: It's a cult, people

Whalen writes, "Many supporters of former President Trump I know seem to recognize, on some level, that there is no defense for him. They just can’t admit it to themselves."

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Trumpers, if you are upset that we consider you brainwashed cult members, quit playing the part. Many supporters of former President Trump I know seem to recognize, on some level, that there is no defense for him. They just can’t admit it to themselves. They claim to be “not a fan” and say we “need to move on” before they go into his messiah-like qualities.

Recently someone I’ve known since before she started school posted a meme on Facebook about President Biden. The meme asked those of us for voted for Biden for “free stuff, where ya at?” I asked in a comment what “free stuff” Biden promised me. She responded that she didn’t want to debate me. She opened the debate by asking “where ya at?” She threatened to “unfriend” me again. She previously unfriended me because I have never supported Trump. She showed me yet again that loyalty to Trump is more important than people she has known for most of her life.

That is not a political view, that is cult membership. A member of the party who complains about “cancel culture” threatened to cancel me as a sign of loyalty to Trump. Does she realize Trump doesn’t know who she is, nor does he care? Sorry, Karen, but having you as a Facebook friend isn’t an honor I can’t live without.

A former coworker who is a Facebook friend states the “lefties” need to move on from Trump while sharing posts supporting him. She got upset when someone compared the overcrowded refugee camps at our southern border to concentration camps. I could accept her argument that the comparison downplayed the horrors of the Holocaust. She lost that argument when she compared wearing face masks as a public health measure to the tactics used by Nazi Germany. As if wearing a face mask is a moral outrage on a level much worse than taking refugee children from their parents and putting them in refugee camps. Apparently, I missed the day when they taught that masks were passed out as victims entered concentration camps as a public health measure. And obviously, COVID Karen missed the day they taught families were separated as they entered concentration camps.

One of my cousins died young. He left behind a young son, whom I’ll call John. Later the same year, John lost his grandfather. My dad is the only surviving member of his generation. During the former guy’s time in office, John reconnected with my dad. Dad drove several hours to have lunch with him. They talked for a long time. Dad told John about his grandparents and father. These were stories John had never heard and never would have heard if dad hadn’t met him for lunch. Not long after the lunch, John unfriended Dad and I on Facebook and ended all contact. He is a Trump supporter, and we aren’t. Trump over family.


After trying to stay in power by inciting a violent insurrection, Trump had no choice but to leave office. The GOP can’t quit him. There are still Trump signs, flags, shirts, and chants. People are choosing Trump over family and friends. It’s a cult, people.

Whalen is an insurance professional who lives in Fargo with her beloved dog Baxter.

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