Whalen: Republican response to Pelosi attack is telling

"The whataboutism from the GOP shows that their party platform is just cruelty," Colleen Whalen writes. "When Steve Scalise was shot, Nancy Pelosi held a press conference with Paul Ryan. They both denounced the violence and wished him well."

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The MAGA crowd calls anyone who doesn’t like Donald Trump crazy. They claim we are suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

I’m not a mental health professional, but I highly doubt the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders contains any diagnosis that is based on someone’s opinion of Trump. Mental health professionals have diagnosed Trump with disorders that are in the DSM. Even his niece has, and she knows him better than the majority of us do. She also earned a doctorate degree in psychology. She knows the subject and she knows the individual she diagnosed. The crazy label seems to be what MAGA males hurl mainly at women.

Hey Republicans, your misogyny is showing.

It is also dangerous, as evidenced by the threats directed at women whom they deem crazy. The attack on Paul Pelosi is clear evidence of the danger their claims pose. Nobody in my family likes Trump, but only us women get called crazy. How many times did we hear Trump talk about “crazy Nancy"? I’ve lost count.

To those who have claimed I’m crazy or suffering from TDS, have you given any thought to how others might interpret your words? They may believe the claims from the right that I am evil because I am a Democrat. They may truly believe that I drink the blood of babies. They may truly believe that I’m a pedophile because that’s what their tribe tells them. Those calling me crazy may be so truly hate-filled that they take delight in a MAGA individual harming or killing me and other Democrats.


The whataboutism from the GOP shows that their party platform is just cruelty. When Steve Scalise was shot, Nancy Pelosi held a press conference with Paul Ryan. They both denounced the violence and wished him well. Nobody said it was no big deal because he is from a state with one of the highest crime rates in the nation. None of the Pelosi children thought to share a Halloween costume idea suggesting people dress up as his shooter.

During the insurrection, Trump said Pence deserved to be hanged. Nancy Pelosi coordinated with Pence to get additional law enforcement to the Capitol and expressed concern for Pence’s safety.

I can’t remember a time when a Republican politician was threatened with violence or was the victim of violence and Pelosi joked about it.

Trump has given his supporters permission to be violent. Countless times he has stated that people at his rallies should “knock the crap” out of someone.

The lack of empathy for victims of crime just because those victims do not share their political views is telling. To not acknowledge the humanity in others reveals the lack of humanity in someone.

Somehow, I’m not surprised by this. How often have we heard Trump supporters refer to him as the chosen one, the messiah, the second coming. They seem to confuse Trumpism with Christianity.

I’m done asking if our North Dakota delegation has any decency. They can’t even condemn political violence if it’s directed at Democrats. They claim to be Christians but can’t release a statement offering prayers and support for the Pelosi family.

Whalen is an insurance professional who lives in Fargo with her beloved dog Baxter.


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