Whalen: The GOP's silence on violence

Whalen writes, "They denounce violence but deflect when it’s their party committing the violence."

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In my last column, I called out North Dakota Sens. John Hoeven and Kevin Cramer and Rep. Kelly Armstrong for their general lack of responsiveness to their constituents. I contacted all three about the violence during the insurrection and their notable silence on the issue and the Select Committee hearings. Cramer was the only one to respond. He denounced violence and deflected to BLM and Antifa. Armstrong’s office didn’t respond until I called him out. His response was eerily similar to Cramer’s. They denounce violence but deflect when it’s their party committing the violence. It is ironic that in general the GOP decries Antifa when it is literally anti-fascism. By denouncing Antifa they are essentially supporting fascism.

The GOP silence on the violence at the insurrection is deafening and shows their incredible hypocrisy. On Wednesday we heard the most damning testimony against Trump. Cassidy Hutchinson was under oath and credible. Crickets from elected Republicans other than Reps. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., and Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill.

Former President Trump was told the crowd was armed with AR-15s, brass knuckles, pepper spray, stun guns, body armor, gas masks, batons and blunt weapons. His response was that the mob wasn’t there to harm him so let them in without going through security so they could keep their weapons.

He then incited them to attack the Capitol. He sent an angry, heavily armed mob to the Capitol to attack members of Congress. They were blood thirsty and ready to commit murder. “Hang Mike Pence.” Trump said the mob had the right idea.

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I cannot fathom why so many Trump supporters, who wave American flags in the air, call themselves patriots and cloak themselves in the rhetoric of the American Revolution, would continue to support Donald Trump after the horrific events of Jan. 6, 2021.

I don’t know how Hoeven, Cramer and Armstrong can live with their cowardice. Trump sent a mob to murder them and/or their colleagues and they don’t speak out. Does Trump have compromising information on them? Are they afraid of Trump? Are they too blind to see the truth? Are they dues-paying members of Trump’s cult?


Trump attacked a member of his Secret Service detail because they wouldn’t take him to the Capitol. Someone needs to let the petulant toddler in an adult body know he has to be invited to the Capitol by the Speaker of the House. He can’t just march in like he owns the place.

Trump tried to grab the steering wheel of the Secret Service SUV to get to the Capitol. Trump threw his lunch at the wall like an out-of-control toddler.

Election judges and state election officials have received threats, been harassed, had their homes invaded by Trump’s goons. We’ve seen evidence of witness intimidation from someone in Trump’s inner circle or perhaps Trump himself.

The cause of all this violence is that gullible, or perhaps willfully ignorant, Trump supporters believe the election was “stolen” from Trump. Trump’s narcissism won’t allow him to accept the fact that he lost. Massive election fraud was debunked by Bill Barr and numerous, including many Republicans, state election officials. Rudy Giuliani said they had theories but no evidence.

Hoeven, Cramer, and Armstrong haven’t actively promoted the election fraud lie but they all did attend a “stop the steal” rally in Bismarck. They have yet to denounce Trump’s lies about election fraud. Trump’s lies have resulted in a lot of violence.

Gentlemen, if you really want to denounce violence tell your constituents the truth. Find a bit of courage. Choose country over Trump.

And, Cramer, you need to be honest with your constituents about the coup planning meeting that you attended. Your office did say you would do an interview about. We’re still waiting.

Whalen is an insurance professional who lives in Fargo with her beloved dog Baxter.


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