Zaleski: Readers respond to Jack Zaleski's recent column

Zaleksi shares feedback to his column "Law and order party no more."

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InForum columnist Jack Zaleski is the former editor of The Forum's editorial page.
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Responses to my August 20 column, “ Law and order party no more ,” came quickly and were mostly positive. Not all, of course. Here’s a sample.

A longtime reader from Horace, N.D., said: “Terrific column, Jack. I’m so glad you called out the four super 'patriots' for their ongoing support of Trump and selected ‘back the blue’ (police) bull. …it’s way past time the newspaper of record called them out for their idiocy, and what they are doing TO this nation. Your column is a start…”

Mike from Fargo wrote: “Thank you for your excellent … column. It occurs to me that under Trump, ‘The Rule of Law’ became The Rule of Lies.’”

From Sandra of Fargo: “...I appreciated your comments on the editorial page of The Forum (8/20/22). Your frank and spot-on comments about the continuing and unwavering support for Trump and his egregious behavior by those who claim to believe in ‘law and order’ is refreshing and most welcome. Highlighting the ongoing support for Trump by our own congressional delegation is especially noteworthy. Thanks.”

Randy of Fargo said: “Your comments … reflected my thoughts precisely. The stain of D. Trump has been with us far too long, yet there remain so many that do not acknowledge it. Thank you.”


 Tom from Fergus Falls, Minn., wrote: “...these guys (Mike Lindell, the founder of My Pillow, and Rudy Giuliani, a beloved New York mayor following 9-11) had great reputations and goodwill before they became involved with Trump and the big lie regarding voting fraud. Their reputations are now badly tarnished …”

Patricia from Fargo said: “Loved your commentary in today’s Forum!”

Not everyone felt like Patricia.

David, a Fargo attorney, wrote: “...your take on the 5th (Amendment) is wrong. It is not an admission of guilt. Someone does not take the 5th because they know they are guilty. The 5th is part of the Bill of Rights.. It protects against Government – Government with both good and bad intentions… Please don’t educate the public that it is an admission of guilt…”

To which I say: Read the column again. I did not say taking the 5th was an admission of guilt. My exact words were: “...taking the 5th is just short of admitting guilt.” However, in 2018 the 45th president said, “You see the mob takes the 5th. If you’re innocent, why are you taking the 5th Amendment?” Good question. It appears that by his own reckoning, he believes he is guilty enough to take the 5th. You know, like a mobster. 

An anonymous note mailed in Fargo said: “It’s obvious you do not like living in Fargo. Appears your (cq) not to (cq) fond of the people either. Solution - Move back east where you came from. You will not be missed!!”

Where to begin. After more than 50 years in North Dakota, most of them in Fargo, I’m certain I like it here, and I like the people – well, most of them. As for the writer: No signature, no return address, no phone number or email. Just a scribbled screed in ragged block printing. What a coward.

Zaleski retired in 2017 after 30 years as The Forum’s editorial page editor. He is the author of a new history of Forum Communications Company . Contact him at or 701-241-5521 or 701-566-3576.


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Columnist Jack Zaleski shares thoughts on the midterm election.

Opinion by Jack Zaleski
Zaleski retired in 2017 after 30 years as The Forum’s editorial page editor. He is author of a new history of Forum Communications Co. Contact him at or 701-241-5521 or 701-566-3576.
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