In response to the news article in the Feb. 16 edition featuring North Dakota not honoring Bono for special recognition:

I'm a huge U2 fan and of course was drawn to this article. I was neither happy nor disappointed that North Dakota voted down honoring Bono despite his tireless effort to save Africans from AIDS. This article did, however, get me thinking about what it means to honor someone.

It is noble to honor those whose efforts have already been achieved, such as those who served in war or developed a cure for a disease; but we may be premature to honor Bono at this point. True, he has transcended what it means to be a rock star and has managed to use his fame to help those who cannot help themselves, but let's face it, we, in America, have not fully lived up to our end of the bargain. The United States said we would help fund efforts to help those in Africa. To date we have not given all that we have promised.

Rather than honoring Bono with a "pat" on the back," why don't we honor Bono with our effort? Rather than saying, "good for you, Bono," why not say, "how can we help Bono?" North Dakota passing legislation to honor Bono does not save the lives of Africans. Rather than spending money voting on this, why not spend money to aid in his efforts.

Bono has said many times, history will judge us by our actions today. Let's not honor with words, but honor with actions.