North Dakota Sen. Heidi Heitkamp’s decision to support the Obama administration’s Iran nuclear accord is the right call. She will vote for the deal despite the generally accepted view that most North Dakotans are against it. But, of course, a significant percentage of North Dakotans are against all things Obama, no matter their intrinsic worth.

Heitkamp’s analysis of the Iran situation comports with assessments by experts from Republican and Democratic administrations, several highly respected retired military leaders, and the conclusions of allies of the U.S. that are signatories to the agreement. “If we reject this deal, Iran will be closer to developing a nuclear weapon,” she said, “and we will reduce our standing and authority in the world.”

Opponents of the deal have offered no credible alternative (war?). Heitkamp said her decision “is about seeking diplomacy rather than conflict.” She’s got it right.

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