PRAIRIE ROSES: To Minnesota Health Commissioner Ed Ehlinger who has added “intractable pain” to the state’s list of conditions that qualify for using medical marijuana. The addition represents a small and carefully considered expansion of the medical marijuana law. It also represents a compassionate element in the evolving program that, thus far, is quite limited in its application of specific formulations of treatments made from the marijuana plant. Minnesota’s limited protocol for uses for medical pot is a work in progress. Among the more controlled programs of its kind in the nation, the Minnesota initiative has started slowly, as was envisioned. Despite what its critics charge, the program is in no way moving toward a Colorado-style pot use and sales free-for-all. But as the science and medicine of marijuana advances, more medical uses for the substance likely will be approved. That’s as it should be.

LEAFY SPURGE: To residential homeowners and owners/operators of commercial businesses who seem to have to learn every winter that clearing ice and snow from their sidewalks is their legal obligation in Fargo and Moorhead. Last week’s very minor snowfall revealed that a lot of them either don’t get it or don’t care. Walks in many neighborhoods and in front of many shops and businesses were not cleared, and within hours became icy and dangerous for pedestrians. As late as Friday, fully three days after the snow stopped falling, ice and/or packed snow had not been scraped off walks. Most cities have a system of warnings and fines for failure to clear sidewalks. Might be time to send messages.

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