Early voting has been in place for a few election cycles in Cass County, and voters seem to like it more every time. Three early voting polling places opened on Monday, Oct. 31 in Fargo and West Fargo, and a fourth opens Wednesday, Nov. 2, in Casselton. Early turnout at the three open locations has been good, county election officials reported.

There should be no surprise that early voting has caught on so well in North Dakota. Between early voting and absentee voting, a significant percentage of the vote will be in before Election Day, Nov. 8.

Convenience is one factor in the election equation. It's the time of the year when snowbirds fly south, and they get their voting obligation done before they leave. The other driver in early voting, especially in an election year like this one, is that partisans made up their minds weeks ago, so why wait? There is some risk in that decision.

While it's only days before Nov. 8, circumstances can change, as evidenced by the latest FBI investigation into e-mails that might or might not be associated with Hillary Clinton's service as secretary of state. That story might have given early Clinton voters pause. Donald Trump might still release his federal tax records (he should), thus revealing something unsavory that could change the minds of early Trump voters.

Nevertheless, early voting as designed and managed in North Dakota is a success. The system works well because of the traditional collaboration of the secretary of state's office with county election officials. The aim is always the same: to make it as easy and convenient as possible for North Dakotans to vote. It's going very well in Cass County.

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