PRAIRIE ROSES: To area polling place workers who were on duty Election Day, Nov. 8 and before. The turnout for early voting and for Election Day was heavier than normal. In some places voters waited in lines, but not for long. The process went smoothly, with only minor glitches that did not affect procedures. Precinct workers were busy, but not so much so they were without smiles and greetings for voters. They were trained well and were able to help voters who needed help, and move voters through the process. The ease of voting in this region shows how well-prepared and efficient county election officials are. It is their work before and long after an election that ensures the next election will be run even more smoothly. And this time, it helped that the November weather was near perfect.

PRAIRIE ROSES: To metro city officials and contractors who have been working together to wrap up disruptive street projects. It appears some of the big projects in downtown Fargo will be done ahead of schedule, and at least a few busy thoroughfares will be open. Most contractors are on or ahead of schedule, but others are not, and face fines. Street work in Fargo, West Fargo and Moorhead has been a challenge for motorists all summer, but most of the bigger projects on the busiest streets are done or nearing completion. More is on the construction schedule, so expect next summer to be a cone zone season. It is reassuring, however, to know that when the work is done traffic moves better on wider, safer streets.

PRAIRIE ROSES: To the Downtown Community Partnership and others associated with planning and building the ice skating rink in downtown Fargo at the northeast corner of Main Avenue and Broadway. The rink opened last winter to good reviews from the families that used it. It's not the most popular rink in the city, but the Partnership, Park District and City Commission want to give it at least three more seasons to take its place in winter urban recreation. Complete with lighting, rest rooms and a warming house, the rink is a nice addition to downtown. As more skaters learn about it, more will use it as part of Fargo's downtown experience.

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