PRAIRIE ROSES: To students at North Dakota State University, with a nod to student government organizers in the Seim Hall dormitory, for gathering in a candlelight vigil to mourn the recent deaths of several students. Three hundred students gathered in Memorial Union to remember three freshmen who died in two recent car crashes. Brooke Nicole Schroeder of Max, N.D., died in a crash on Interstate 94 in January. Earlier this month, another crash on I-94 claimed the lives of Danie Leigh Thomssen of Bismarck and Carson Dennis Roner of Oakes, N.D. Three other current or former students, whose deaths were not publicized and could not be named, also were remembered. It's a touching display of community for the students and others to join together in memory of their departed fellow students.

PRAIRIE ROSES: To law enforcement and National Guard members who cleared the main protest camp against the Dakota Access Pipeline from federal land-and to the protesters, most of whom left quietly. Given the simmering tensions, the clearing easily could have turned violent. Law enforcement officers have exercised restraint throughout the prolonged protest, and most-but not all-protesters have been peaceful. The protesters, who call themselves "water protectors," left behind an enormous mess that will be an environmental catastrophe if not cleaned up before the spring flood. That's sadly ironic, given the objections from protesters objecting to the environmental risks posed by the pipeline, which will be buried more than 92 feet below Lake Sakakawea on the Missouri River just north of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation. Appropriately, the state has signaled that it likely will sue the federal government to pay the cleanup costs.

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