We’d like to give voters a friendly nudge to get out and vote if you haven’t already done so in the Nov. 3 election, which will decide many important leadership positions on the state and federal level from the presidency on down.

Here’s a recap of our endorsements. We refrained from endorsing in the presidential race, as we did in 2016 and 1964.

Minnesota U.S. Senate: We urge voters to elect Jason Lewis, the Republican with a solidly pro-business record that would be especially beneficial for northwestern Minnesota. Lewis is an unflinching conservative who represented Minnesota’s second congressional district from 2016 to 2018.

Minnesota Seventh District U.S. House: Voters should once again return Rep. Collin Peterson for another term. A “Blue Dog” Democrat, Peterson is not the liberal caricature his GOP opponent makes him out to be, as voters in the Seventh know full well. He’s a maverick who departs from the party line often, and he has unsurpassed expertise and influence in farm policy, as chairman of the House Agriculture Committee. We need his voice of reason in Congress.

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North Dakota U.S. House: Rep. Kelly Armstrong, R-N.D., has earned a second term. Armstrong came to Congress with ample lawmaking experience in the North Dakota Legislature. He’s an effective advocate for North Dakota’s energy and agricultural industries, and has become an influential voice on technology. He aligns well with what North Dakota voters need and want.

North Dakota Measure 1 and Measure 2: Vote no on both of these clunkers, put forward by the Legislature. Measure 1 seeks to amend the state constitution to expand the State Board of Higher Education from eight to 15 members, extend their terms to six years and bar consecutive terms. There’s been absolutely no showing how this would improve governance. It would bloat higher education bureaucracy and increase costs by $147,000 every two years. Measure 2 is even worse, a legislative power grab that would require lawmakers to approve initiative petitions to amend the constitution. Voters alone should have that authority, without meddling from legislators who are accountable to voters.

North Dakota superintendent of public instruction: Kirsten Baesler has earned another four years as the state’s top K-12 education official. She’s demonstrated both the expertise, vision and management ability that the office requires, increasing efficiencies and working ably with lawmakers to advance education.

North Dakota treasurer: Voters should elect Republican Thomas Beadle state treasurer. A Fargo businessman and legislator, Beadle is a common-sense conservative.

North Dakota auditor: We urge voters to retire Josh Gallion and elect Democrat Patrick Hart. Gallion has been a showboat who has displayed poor judgment in trying to elevate state audits into criminal charging documents. It’s time to get Hart in to restore the office to that of quiet fiscal watchdog.

North Dakota Public Service Commission: Republican Brian Kroshus has earned another term as Public Service Commissioner. Kroshus has a business background in agriculture and newspaper publishing, and has shown a firm grasp of energy and utility policy. He’s another common-sense conservative who is right for North Dakota.