Hulett: Dems poised for permanent power

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Mike Hulett, opinion columnist for The Forum Michael Vosburg / Forum Photo Editor

Fargo-Moorhead-West Fargo area Democrats haven’t popped any corks yet but could soon be celebrating. RealClearPolitics had Joe Biden ahead by 7.2 percentage points when this column was submitted. If his lead holds through Nov. 3rd, it’s conceivable Democrats would not only win the presidency but could also take the Senate and House of Representatives.

On Inauguration Day 2021 every major American institution would be politically aligned: public schools, colleges, professional sports, entertainment, Wall Street, federal employees, mainstream media, and now the entire elected and appointed federal government. Liberals one and all, prospects for permanent Democrat power would be limitless.

By increasing the number of Supreme Court justices, then packing those seats with leftist lawyers, a liberal majority would guarantee “progressive” interpretations of the Constitution ad infinitum.

By opening the borders and granting unlimited voting rights to all residents irrespective of how or when they arrived, 22 million illegal aliens would be eligible to vote. As millions more stream in, Republicans would have slim chances of ever again winning the White House, or majorities in the Senate and House.

By far most celebrated (a buzz kill for Trump-deranged wannabe-comedian Forum columnists), would be the demise of the loathed racist, white supremacist, dog whistling, homophobe, xenophobe, narcissist, woman hating, 17,143 lies, confirmed Russian agent Donald J. Trump.



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Trump boasted about his middle class tax cuts but infallible CNN and MSNBC assured us they were only for billionaires. Trump’s stock market broke records. Sure, for rich fat cats. All-time low unemployment for Black, Hispanic and Asian Americans? Obama did that! Trump initiated Opportunity Zones that lifted up Blacks in blighted Democrat run cities, and he provided record financial support for Black colleges. Racist Trump? “Come on man!” Fake FOX News!
Area businesses thrived in part from Trump’s pre-"Chinavirus" negotiated trade advantages. Maybe, but the Chinese Communist despots would surely be benevolent to our farmers and businesses under Biden’s incisive leadership. Remember, he and son Hunter have already “negotiated” lucrative economic deals with the “Chi-Comms.”

Better yet, with North Dakota oil and natural gas completely banned, Mother Earth would be saved for that beloved Swedish teenager. Eliminated by Trump but reinstated by Biden, hundreds of rigid government regulations would keep greedy capitalists in check. Restoring most consumer goods production to slave labor operations in Communist China, we would enjoy some incredible Walmart markdowns.

While Biden’s huge promised middle class tax increases sound foreboding, they would assure that government could take proper care of area residents through “redistribution of wealth.” Just imagine: free college, free government owned and operated health care, and free abortions right up to your baby’s day of birth. Once police are “defunded,” trained social service counselors will respond to 911 emergency calls, perhaps assisted by skilled OneFargo protesters.

Conservative political rhetoric will no longer be tolerated. Area residents will all become “equal,” although some may be “more equal than others.” Prepare to pop the corks. While Republicans snooze the Democrat social justice utopia has a realistic chance of commencement in 2021!

Opinion by Mike Hulett
InForum columnist Mike Hulett is a longtime resident of the Fargo-Moorhead area and regular contributor to the opinion page.
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