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Hulett: The real Kyle Rittenhouse

"Contrary to insinuations on this opinion section, it is clear the real Kyle Rittenhouse is not a 'terrible person.' There is no evidence of an 'unformed mind polluted by extremism' nor does he appear to be an 'addled kid'," writes Mike Hulett. "Those put-downs are nonsense generated by mainstream Democrat media fabrications."

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Mike Hulett, opinion columnist for The Forum Michael Vosburg / Forum Photo Editor

A jury of Wisconsin citizens listened to hours of testimony, including key facts from Kyle Rittenhouse in his own defense. They watched videos of criminal rioters chasing Rittenhouse down and threatening him with death or great bodily harm.

They spent three days discussing and carefully reviewing the evidence before returning a verdict of not guilty on all counts. It was justified self-defense.

In September 2020, then Presidential candidate Joe Biden had no means to acquire specific facts about the Rittenhouse incident. Yet, again displaying his deeply corrupt character, Biden shamelessly proclaimed in a campaign video that Kyle Rittenhouse was an “example” of a “white supremacist.”

No evidence surfaced to even remotely connect Rittenhouse with white supremacy. It was contrived mainstream Democrat media falsehoods that ostensibly served as the basis for Biden’s inference that individuals involved in the Rittenhouse matter were Black. They were all white.

One year later, Biden was not privy to the jury’s painstaking deliberations. Yet, following the acquittal he indignantly stated that he and “many other Americans” felt “angry and concerned.” A citizen was found innocent by a jury of his peers based on a solid case of self-defense. Then, wobbling up to the White House podium comes cognitively impaired Joe, knowing absolutely nothing about the trial, claiming to be “angry” about the verdict based on imaginary Democrat white supremacy narratives.


It wasn’t just Biden. From the ignorant harpies on The View to unhinged individuals on CNN and MSNBC to the sham Russia hoax-promoting East Coast print media to our local self-anointed experts on white privilege, vigilantes and guns, Democrat fear merchants one and all parroted identical false racist narratives intended to further divided Americans.

Watch the Kyle Rittenhouse cable television interview. He was calm, well spoken and cogent. His career goal is nursing but he is also considering law. He confesses scant interest in politics, including Biden and former President Donald Trump , but likes Andrew Yang ’s political views. When asked to respond to Biden’s irresponsible defamation, he calmly looked into the camera and constructively asked the President to watch the entire trial.

Contrary to insinuations on this opinion section, it is clear the real Kyle Rittenhouse is not a “terrible person.” There is no evidence of an “unformed mind polluted by extremism” nor does he appear to be an “addled kid.” Those put-downs are nonsense generated by mainstream Democrat media fabrications.

Fascist thugs have vowed to destroy Rittenhouse. We learned from Kenosha and numerous violent leftist riots nationwide there are plenty of liberal sociopaths capable of inflicting great bodily harm or death. We pray that Kyle and his family are able to avoid those threats and live in peace.

The American people are long overdue to unite — e pluribus unum — and demand that Biden and his fear-mongering media propagandists immediately end the intentional chaos they have generated. If clear-thinking Americans, well in the majority, can prevail over Biden’s authoritarian handlers to restore common sense and the rule of law, there still may be an outside chance to save our gravely-threatened American experiment.

Opinion by Mike Hulett
InForum columnist Mike Hulett is a longtime resident of the Fargo-Moorhead area and regular contributor to the opinion page.
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