Hulett: Why 'Trump was still their guy'

There are many reasons we continue to support Donald Trump.

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Mike Hulett, opinion columnist for The Forum Michael Vosburg / Forum Photo Editor

I don’t get it ,” confesses fellow columnist Jim Shaw. “I don't understand how Trump could do so many appalling things, but they didn't matter to his supporters. Trump was still their guy.” Shaw's puzzlement is shared by multiple millions of Biden voters that fully support his side of the deep national divide.

So why was Trump “still their guy” for multiple millions of Trump voters? For starters, the road to getting it is not located within the four corners of the one-sided mainstream media narrative map. The road instead winds through non-biased research and writing by recognized independent journalists like Mollie Hemmingway, John Solomon and Kimberley Strassel. Therefrom one learns many so-called “appalling things” are out-and-out political fabrications or Trump personality quirks twisted into destructive fairytales. The road to understanding what matters to Trump supporters winds through factual outcomes, not Trump’s personality.

“Appalling things” often cited by anti-Trumpers: Maliciously separating children from their parents. Cozying up to Russians. Ignoring Russian bounties on our troops. Secretly suspending military aid to Ukraine while trying to force its leader to help him get re-elected. Denigrating our soldiers. Praising neo-Nazis. Tear gassing peaceful protesters. Pardoning traitors, cronies and murderers. Threatening and intimidating Election officials to criminally falsify election results. Disastrously rolling out the COVID-19 vaccine.

“Factual outcomes” known by pro-Trumpers: Trump continued Obama’s policy of ensuring children brought across by illegals were not being sex-trafficked by criminals. Trump’s Russia sanctions far exceeded Obama’s. Military leaders confirmed no Russian bounties.

Then Vice President Biden bragged he successfully threatened to suspend military aid to Ukraine unless his son’s prosecutor was fired. Trump provided Ukraine far better military aid to fight Russia than did Obama.


Trump honored soldiers and significantly upgraded the Veterans Administration. Pro-Nazi, white supremacist nonsense was long ago invalidated with authentic Trump quotes and outcomes. Antifa/BLM rioters attempted to burn down an historic church by Lafayette Park. Law enforcement properly cleared the park of a violent mob, not “peaceful protestors.”

No traitors or murderers were pardoned. There is no factual evidence Trump attempted to criminally falsify results of the election. President Trump heroically managed the science of inventing and rolling-out coronavirus vaccines in 10 months, preventing thousands of American deaths, a feat his enemies said would take years.

Trump received two Nobel Peace Prize nominations for unprecedented Mideast peace achievements.


The unsubstantiated charge that President Trump’s speech on Jan. 6th “incited a deadly domestic terrorist riot at the Capitol” has been thoroughly repudiated. D.C. Mayor Bowser, Speaker Pelosi and Capitol police tragically failed to correctly respond to advanced FBI warnings of a planned attack on the Capitol by a small band of nitwit radicals. The criminal assault began well before Trump’s speech concluded almost two miles away on the Ellipse. Video shows the president calmly asking several hundred thousand supporters to make their voices heard “peacefully and patriotically.”
If Biden voters are willing to re-examine their “appalling” beliefs and anti-Trump perceptions, deep national divisions might diminish. Indications are 75 million factually informed voters will persist in saying Trump is “still their guy!”

Hulett is a regular contributor to the opinion page.

This column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Forum's editorial board nor Forum ownership.

Opinion by Mike Hulett
InForum columnist Mike Hulett is a longtime resident of the Fargo-Moorhead area and regular contributor to the opinion page.
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