While shopping last week in one of our local stores, my billfold fell out of my jacket. I take full responsibility for losing it.

In it was my Christmas money and the only money I had to my name. I pray that the person who did turn my billfold in to lost-and-found have a very special Christmas, and I pray that the money you took will be a blessing to you and your family.

This will be the first Christmas that my children and grandbabies will not be getting any gifts from me.

The part about this whole mess that hurt the most was the note you left in the billfold that said, and I quote:

"This is all you deserve" with one penny. You may be right about that, but I guess adding insult to injury was not enough for you!

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I have a special aunt and cousin who love me very much. They gave me my Christmas gifts early so that I can pay for Christmas dinner. I am so blessed.

Whoever you are, Merry Christmas!

Kaaren Daniels, Fargo, Letter: No Christmas spirit in thief's message 20071222