In his Feb. 25 letter to the editor ("President leaves nation deep in debt"), Sen. Kent Conrad, D-N.D., tells us he supports Barack Obama because he "is the best candidate to put our country back on a sound fiscal course." On Page A3 of the same newspaper ("Promises would face deficit reality check"), we read an expensive laundry list of Obama promises for you, me, my child, my parents and200 million other Americans.

We have become a debtor nation due to promises, handouts and pork for all. Our leaders are more concerned about getting elected and staying in office than solving serious problems that require courage and pain. If they can't fix the mess they created, then they should consider giving up their plush government pensions, Social Security and Medicare benefits.

Another option is to convert the Minot (N.D.) Air Force base into a prison for all past and present American political thieves.

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