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Letter: I oppose efforts to combine Richland County into one legislative district

Sen. Heitkamp writes in opposition to a plan to dissolve the 26th District and then creating a legislative district containing all of Richland county.

Letter to the editor FSA

Remember how our forefathers felt about taxation without representation. Imagine how they would feel about negating a recent election and the eradication a legislative district without a vote of the people.

Doesn’t sound North Dakota nice to me. This could be the reality in the end if the North Dakota redistricting committee has their way. A past senator in the 26 th District, who happens to be the operations manager of a local radio station, and the minority leader in the North Dakota House of Representatives were having a conversation recently on the radio talking about this issue. These two individuals are a part of a political party that removed God from their national platform in 2012. They are not a fan of mine and have spent many sessions on the radio discussing what a detriment to society that I am.


  • GOP senator's plan to redraw Fargo area legislative map aims to respect existing lines State Sen. Ron Sorvaag unveiled on Thursday his plan for cutting Cass County into 11 legislative districts, each with roughly 16,600 residents. The Fargo Republican said his proposal aims to respect incumbent legislators and existing district lines in the state's most populous county, while keeping neighborhoods together. 

The minority leader stated he has been working on a plan for over a year. This two step plan includes dissolving the 26 th District and then creating a legislative district containing all of Richland county. They even have a Senate candidate in mind that is already fundraising. They were both excited that this person would beat the both the present senator from the 25 th District and the 26 th District in the 2022 election. They were beyond excited as they were discussing their plan to gerrymander their way back to controlling the southeast corner of the state with the help of North Dakota Legislators who other KFGO personalities have referred to as “reasonable Republicans.” I am guessing reasonable Republicans are those legislators that pledge their conservative values during election time and then vote with their socialist leaning comrades during the legislative session.

In the 25th District, hard work and good legislating have kept the conservatives in power through two tough elections. In the last election, the 26th District Republican conservatives took all spots in the House and Senate, maybe for the first time since 1889. This has caused great dismay and heartache for the radio host from the 8:30 a.m. timeslot in the Fargo market. He has stated this many times on his radio show. His last name and mine are the same. He says our dads were first cousins. He says we are not related. And now he is not even hiding in the dark about the partisan plan to gerrymander District 25, negate the last election affecting the District 26 legislators, and then dissolve 26th District. Then they all had a big chuckle out of it.


Might I remind these two that I serve at the pleasure of the people, not at the will of reasonable Republicans, bloviating talk show hosts, or minority leaders in the House. Article 1, section 2 of the North Dakota Constitution, the declaration of rights, states, “All political power is inherent in the people…” I am asking you to contact legislative management and the redistricting committee to voice your opinion on the gerrymandering of the 25 th District, the dissolving of the 26 th District, and the negating of an election.

Sen. Jason Heitkamp, R-Wyndmere, serves in the North Dakota Senate.

This letter does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Forum's editorial board nor Forum ownership.

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