Several days ago Pat Grenyo wrote that it must be tough to be a liberal today. Yes, I wholeheartedly agree.

It’s tough to find a president who has degraded the office as much as Donald Trump. It’s tough to have a president who is a pathological liar. It’s tough to have an American president who is an admitted sexual predator. It’s tough to realize that the president acts like a dictator and does not respect people or the rule of law.

It’s tough to see a president degrade John McCain, a genuine war hero who was not draft dodger.

It’s tough to see Republicans promise tax cuts for everyone when in reality the major beneficiaries are the top one percent. It’s tough to realize that ordinary, less fortunate Americans will start paying for these cuts five years from now. It’s tough to see the national debt spiraling into trillion of dollars. It’s tough to see Republicans try to kill Obamacare without having a viable replacement plan.

It’s tough to see that common sense environmental safeguards are being trashed in the name of greed. It’s tough to see a bleak unhealthy future for our children.

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It’s tough to see North Dakota senators who are less Republicans than they are Trump hacks.

It’s tough to see a president who promises to release his taxes then goes to great extremes to hide then. It’s tough to hear a hasty Trump declare that he will close the Mexican border, really dumb.

One of the toughest things to realize is that so many Republicans happily cash their Social Security checks and have Medicare pay for their medical expenses and yet, these very people criticize the liberals who gave them these benefits in the first place.

Yes, it’s tough to see the hypocrisy and it’s especially tough to realize that so many people are blinded by first class con artist. The whole thing is nauseous.