I recently visited Fargo as part of my annual travel around the Ninth Federal Reserve District and would like to thank your community for the warm welcome and for sharing your experiences. During this trip, we focused on understanding how you have been successful diversifying your local economy and in overcoming many of the economic obstacles facing other parts of our region and the country.

Learning about your community—as I did in a host of meetings and during an excellent, public town hall at North Dakota State University—helps me to represent our region’s needs, priorities and opportunities as we set monetary policy for the nation.

Fargo is an instructive example of how a community can build on its strengths in agriculture and natural resources. Many communities in North Dakota and throughout our region are experiencing slow population growth, but Fargo is a shining example of leveraging its assets to nurture an innovative entrepreneurial culture and attract talent. Higher education has been an important partner in these efforts.

As the Minneapolis Fed strives to be transparent and inclusive, I want to especially thank the students and attendees at North Dakota State University for an engaging discussion, President Dean Bresciani for his warm welcome, and College of Business Dean Scott Beaulier for moderating our Town Hall. If you were unable to attend, you may watch it here (https://bit.ly/2WLPCO1). There, you may also sign up to receive news and information focusing on our region’s economy.

I am committed to highlighting our unique region as part of monetary policy deliberations in Washington, D.C., but I can’t do that without candid dialogue like we had in Fargo. Thank you.

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Kashkari is president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis.