Letter: How bad must it get before our delegation condemns Trump's actions?

These days one should not be surprised over the silence of our federal delegation as the leader of their party continues to demonstrate to the world that we, too, can have leaders without conscience or moral direction. Lying is the fashion now — after all, it would require respect for the electorate and their intelligence to believe that lying might not serve your political interest.

President Trump recently tweeted about the horror of a statement from Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., about “some people did something” that ended in all Muslims being painted with the same brush. This was very curious to me. The “some people did something” was about the attack of 9/11. An attack that was mostly carried out by Saudi nationals funded with Saudi money. You know? Trump hopes you don’t.

The first international trip Trump made as president was to Saudi Arabia, whose people sponsored the 9/11 attack. He gleefully engaged in the Sword Dance (known as “Ardah,” a dance prior to war.) Was our president not dancing on the graves of those who died on 9/11? Was he not celebrating a nation who very much was responsible for attacking us? Was he looking for funding of his family real estate projects? No, you will not hear the minions of Trump Party (formally known as Republican Party) saying anything against our president’s rush to party first with the perpetrators of 9/11. Instead, he will turn you, twist you, deflect you, into thinking that Omar is somehow denigrating the memory of 9/11.

Do you care about the president offering pardons for those whom he asks to break the law? “No man is above the law” is now the hapless mantra of the ill-informed. Do you care that he is the first president not to disclose his tax returns in modern times? No, he says he is under audit. An audit letter would actually prove it, but we don’t even ask that he produce such a letter.

It didn’t seem to matter that he ran a fraudulent university, admitted to sexually assaulting women, didn’t pay his subcontractors, ran a charitable foundation for his own benefit and paid off women to keep secret (from you his believers) his infidelities. None of this matters. Our federal delegation and our governor are four-square behind him. What does it say about them?

Is there no one left to protect us from the budding autocracy pushed by a president who diminishes the press as the enemy of the people and the judiciary, especially Judges of non-European heritage, as being dangerous to the country. A president whose press secretary states that members of Congress are too stupid to understand the president’s tax returns. Anyone left to protect the country? Anyone in the North Dakota delegation willing to say that they might not be “too stupid.” Doubt it.

Thank you, Rep. Omar, for having the courage to speak out among the sea of silence where once there were patriots.