Republicans used to be pretty good stewards of the environment. They and President Richard Nixon supported the Environmental Protection Agency and passed the Clean Water Act. Now, they are running scared. Their president may scream from the bully pulpit if anything is said counter to his views of man-made global warming and the environment.

A majority of Americans believe in passing on a livable environment and wildlife to our children. It’s increasingly obvious that their lives will depend on our government doing the right thing now.

Escalating intensity of hurricanes, droughts and storms should be a warning sign. Climate change deniers refute valid science. But conservative military leaders forecast increased refugee movements due to droughts and rising seas. Insurance company executives see rising insurance costs for all of us. Our recent loss of global leadership is very disheartening.

But, it appears that keeping corporate profits increasing on each new quarterly earnings report is most important. Corporate executive jobs do depend upon it. But studies show great promise for new environmentally-friendly jobs and growth. Only federal executed laws will level the playing field for all states, businesses and corporations. So-called states rights laws allow states to compete against each other to give away the environmental store. Our grandchildren will blame us for a scary and polluted landscape with reduced health and life expectancy.

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