Conservatives often complain about the double standard in mainstream media coverage that has favored Democrats over Republicans throughout the years. One example: Democrats never seem to be held accountable for their hypocritical words or actions. While surveys indicate that 95% of all journalists vote Democrat, we shouldn't be surprised at their biased reporting, but it can still be very frustrating. That being said, let me share a few recent examples of Democratic hypocrisy which are just too juicy to pass up.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, D-Vt., an avowed Socialist, is a leading candidate for the 2020 Democratic nomination. When he released his tax returns recently, it revealed some very interesting tidbits: He's a millionaire, owns three homes, and like most rich people, tries to pay as little taxes as possible. So, the next time he says that the rich need to pay more taxes, remember that he doesn't practice what he preaches.

Another delicious example is when President Trump proposed transferring all of these recent "asylum" seekers into Democratic-controlled sanctuary cities, which are known for harboring illegal immigrants. Since liberals are in favor of open borders, what better way to show their compassion than by welcoming these newcomers, right? Well, no. Not in my neighborhood, they protest!

In fact, a spokesperson for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., even accused Trump of "using human beings as pawns." Now, isn't that rich? These are the same Democratic politicians whose entire campaign strategy is pitting one group of people against another. One has to wonder when our news media will ever start calling out Democrats for some of these examples of their hypocrisy?

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