I’m going say this more than once - Read the Mueller report yourselves, people. I’ve read it once so far, and I’m on my second round. It’s well-written, with footnotes and a few photos, and is very understandable.

A key sentence to keep in mind as you read is the last sentence in the eighth paragraph of the Introduction to Volume I: “A statement that the investigation did not establish particular facts does not mean there was no evidence of those facts.”

My example for this is that we may not be able to see a huge manure pile that’s hidden behind a high, guarded wall, but the smell and the manure-y footprints leading away from that wall are evidence for that pile’s existence.

In my reading I did not find exoneration/vindication for President Trump. And, people, don’t try to feed me talking points that you’ve gotten from anywhere but your own reading. Read the report yourselves and use the brains you have to process it, just like I did.

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