There's a few things about Sen. Kevin Cramer's April 30th letter to the editor that left me feeling disappointed. When it comes to our state Legislature, I should be used to this feeling by now.

After rummaging through the top 10-15 polls that were done by multiple media outlets I could only find one in which the majority of Americans supported this fabulous wall idea, and that one came in at a whopping 51% (a much higher percentage than Trump's second place popular vote).

It came as no surprise to me that the main talking point was the privatization of the wall construction. Not only am I still wondering why Mexico isn't paying for this abomination as promised, but I'm also wondering which friends of Trump are the ones waiting to get the contracts and stash more tax dollars in their pockets. If Trump owns any ladder building companies, they're going to be doing quite well if/when this giant waste of money is completed. It's a good thing the 2019 GOP budget calls for a $2.1 trillion cut to Medicare and Medicaid over the next decade. This is how Mexico pays for the wall. Be proud, Trumpies.

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