Your May 5th story on this Cass County Joint Water Resource District board was predictable, but what caused my head to snap was the opening paragraph under the "Just ridiculous" header. While faintly accurate, a reader might take the line/bait that back in 2015: “Voters representing 79 percent of that value voted yes to create the district, while voters representing 21 percent voted no.” For my view, a little misleading.

You do recall that your own reporter, Tu-Uyen Tran, back in May 2015 provided some solid voting data and demographics, that the Fargo and Cass County governments comprised most of the diversion specials "yes" votes. Homeowners overwhelming voted "no."

If these governments and other local governments had not voted and left all the liability to property owners in the assessment district (who eventually would be left holding the assessment bag), the vote would have been just 48 percent “yes,” not enough to pass.

Would have been nice if these governments back in 2015 had withheld their block "yes" votes until the property owners results were in, but that’s politics. Sure wish I could believe them when they say "…no one is contemplating levying the tax." Wonder if they’ve ever passed an assessment that they didn’t collect on? You know the answer, don’t you.

By David Zupi of West Fargo