I’d like to respond to Sen. Kevin Cramer’s May 10th column entitled: “We need a space force to protect our national security.” My first reaction was that perhaps Cramer had gone to a library to check out a DVD such as "Star Wars" from the 1960s.

Later, I realized that Cramer was actually serious. He wants the U.S. to take over outer space by creating a United State Space Force.

Cramer even wants the Holy Bible to be on our side. He quotes Proverbs: “Without vision the people will perish.” Of course, he means most of all, people in the U.S. will perish without this vision of a Space Force.

He goes on to say, “It is time for the United States to recognize the growing threat in space and to develop a dedicated and well-equipped space force” that will supposedly help us to dominate other countries around the world. Cramer claims that the “American way of life demands it.” I’m quite sure that his idol, President Trump, would agree.

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Hopefully, others in our country will see that creating a Space Force and using it to dominate other countries around the world will certainly only lead to causing “all the people to perish” and cause much suffering around the world.

Let’s hope that Cramer realizes that he is on the wrong track.