Working in the cramped old Moorhead Building Codes Department in 1973, we were very much looking forward to moving into roomy office space in the new city hall. So, too, were most other city departments.

City fathers and mothers were clear in stating that construction of this multi-level building was purely an effort to support phase 1 of the Moorhead Center Mall. The Mall, of course, was Moorhead’s hopeful answer to the newly constructed West Acres.

We were told that the plan was to occupy the somewhat difficult to access location for 10 years or so before selling it for private office space. That would enable building another new city hall, likely one story, with plentiful parking and quick access for staff and the public. That was 46 years ago. The building has been inadequate for much of that time.

Why not build the promised one level city hall just east of the Meadows Golf Course on 34th Street? Combine it with a 6-bay fire hall. This is equal distance from every part of Moorhead and not confined by the railroad.

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