Many of the Democrats running for president support a Green New Deal and getting rid of fossil fuels to save our planet.

I have a friend that is running in the Fargo Marathon who also likes to spend time at the lake boating and fishing.

I have what I believe is a revolutionary idea.

Instead of running up and down the streets of Fargo with thousands of other runners, why don’t we build giant wheels attached to power generators that hook up to the grid. These would be like giant hamster cages.

Each hour a person spends on the wheel they would get a carbon credit that can be turned in on the purchase of fuel for a boat or whatever. It would be similar to ration stamps used in World War II.

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This may sound stupid, but what scares me is that one of the Democrats running for president will hear about this idea and it will be on their platform.

Go for a run and save the planet one revolution at a time.