It's not very often that I read an opinion piece in the Forum which is so absurd that it will keep me up past my bedtime to provide a response. Congratulations, Ken Sims, your May 20th letter is preventing me from sleeping.

You say we need a free press to do it's job? I would like to start this out by saying thank you to my hometown newspaper, The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead, for doing it's job, as it always has. Shame on you for saying otherwise.

The difference between your letter and the articles I have been reading my whole life by journalists who do it for a living, is that their articles continuously contain those little things called facts. These hardworking journalists seek the truth rather than just repeating the Twitter feed of our embarrassing narcissistic president.

Your article gives us all the impression that you believe the Mueller investigation was a politically-fueled "witch hunt." I would like to remind you that the Mueller investigation resulted in indictments of over 30 people, six of which were former Trump advisers. Five of these six people pleaded guilty: Paul Manafort, George Papadopoulos, Rick Gates, Michael Flynn, and Michael Cohen.

Rather than concern ourselves with why this investigation began, as it looks like the gears of justice are very well lubricated, I think we should be more concerned that there are 13 Russian nationals and three Russian companies on this list of indictments. If we turn a blind eye to the fact that another country invaded our democracy, that is by far more dangerous than our own country's investigation into a criminal administration occupying the White House.

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The executive branch of our government has been hijacked. I hope for the sake of our country and the sake of the world more of us see this administration for what it is. Ten thousand lies and counting.

Thank you to The Forum for continuing to publish facts, which a majority of us still believe in.