As I read The Forum today (Thursday, May 23), there was a striking comparison on the Opinion page. On the left side of the page was Tony Bender's column. On the right side was Cal Thomas. Of course these columns are very different. I would like to use them to illustrate a point regarding the current uproar over abortion, and the laws some states are adopting.

I think people who are pro-choice think that by flooding social media, writing columns, and protesting, feel they can actually make a difference in the final outcome concerning abortion.What they are really doing is just telling people how they feel. I am pro-life and always have been. During the time that I have been pro-life, 60 million babies have been killed. I don't like this. Pro-choice people don't care that I don't like this. Pretty simple right? Different opinions for different folks. But things seem different now.

The pro-choice crowd seems to think that the more intense they get, the greater the chance that the right to kill the unborn will be protected. Any intelligent person would know that the Supreme Court doesn't care about opinions either. They rule on the law in regard to the Constitution. Any intelligent person also knows that this is where the battle is headed, to the Supreme Court. About this, there is good cause for fear in the pro-choice camp.

Back to Tony and Cal. Cal is a very well known and respected syndicated columnist. Tony is well, I don't know, a local guy who counts on some people thinking he is witty? Cal provided a lot of facts, and some insightful opinions. Tony's column was not family friendly, and it was not funny. It was a disgusting rant whose goal was to pander to the "keep your laws off my body crowd." To say that both Tony and Cal are columnists in the same sentence gives Tony way too much credit. You see, I think Tony as a columnist for The Forum ranks right up there with their decision to have a "SheSays" section. Anyone remember that one?

But, I also don't expect The Forum to tell Tony to take a hike just because I think he is a waste of paper. Therein lies the difference today with the pro-choice movement and pro-life. I have been praying for years that Jesus would put an end to abortion. The pro-choice movement wants their "right" to abort babies protected NOW! All you states out there, stop with all these laws designed to protect the unborn! Ridiculous.

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Whether there are 100, or 1,000 women protesting outside the Supreme Court, it is all irrelevant to the justices. So knock yourselves out, make those signs, march until you drop. On my end, I'll keep praying, and I'm confident abortion is slowly but surely on its way out. Wouldn't it be great if Tony was too?