Democrats see uncontrolled migration as a way to grow their voter base. Their intentions are to give immigrants the right to vote whether they are legal citizens or not. It’s a pure power play. They don’t care about the drugs, that young girls are being raped and abused by the drug cartel. They don’t care that many children are unaccompanied by a parent or families. They are only interested in finding ways to get them here and give them the right to vote. If Democrat presidential candidates want imprisoned felons to vote why would you not give non-U.S. citizens the right to vote. For Democrats uncontrolled immigration is not a problem. It’s a path to political power.

Today’s Democratic Party is dominated by socialists, environmental extremists and advocates for abortion from conception to birth. Democrat’s leadership quest for power has led them down the path where the ends justify the means. The Democrat congressional handing of presidential appointment hearings, and now their non-acceptance of the Mueller report are examples of how ethics, honesty and credibility are non- existent. The Democratic liberalism is consumed with hatred towards other points of views. Extreme liberalism has led to violence on the streets and college campuses. Free speech is under attack unless it is liberal speech. We conservatives endured eight years of the Obama administration. We did not turn to violence or stop free speech on our college campuses. We waited till the next election to elect a president to unwind the corruption and devastation caused to our nation and national security by the Obama presidency.

North Dakota got it right when they defeated Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, who went from the presumed moderate to a clear member of the liberal establishment. This is exemplified in her high five with Sen. Chuck Schumer over the conception to late term abortion support, (now democrats have taken it from conception through birth abortion) and her vote against Judge Brett Kavanaugh. North Dakotans also defeated every statewide Democratic candidate. Only Fargo’s shift to liberalism is perplexing to me. Fargo is certainly out of the main stream of North Dakota thinking. This is hard to understand when Fargo has incredible economic growth and vitality.

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