In response to Paulette Spiker's letter, "Does anyone in the Republican Party have a backbone?," published May 30th:

Yes. As a Republican woman, many of us have withstood two long years of an investigation funded by millions of taxpayer dollars to seek to undermine President Trump. What was this based upon? The Senate Republicans on the Judiciary Committee have remarked about a lawyer who is a friend of Hillary Clinton's. My research shows his name is Marc Elias. The Nov. 26, 2018, issue of Business Week reports his role in hiring Fusion GPS on behalf of Clinton's campaign in 2016. This is where the notorious Steele Dossier was created to sabotage our Republican candidate for president.


When that plan failed, it seems that the Steele Dossier was handed over to the powers of the FBI and the judicial system in Washington, D.C.; sparking the investigation two years ago. Rather than admit that millions of voters in the U.S. voted against Hillary Clinton, it appears to me that a false document was sent out like a spider's web to wrap up our nation since the inauguration of President Donald Trump.

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O.K., sadly Russia might have created illegal ads and tried to influence our 2016 election. The fact is, if the Mueller Reports could have shown evidence that this was linked to President Trump, the Democrats might have a reason to be angry. But impeachment? Based on what? How many people today would change their vote for Trump to Hillary Clinton? Many Republican voters remember the words by Donald Trump during his campaign, "Judge her at the ballot box," and we voted against her.

So, where is the backbone of Spiker to admit the mistakes by the Democrats? Here is a fact, even if Trump was to ever be impeached, you get what? President Mike Pence, not Hillary Clinton. The people of North Dakota rejected her and the Democrats are still crying over the loss.