What addle-brained bureaucrat’s idea was it to place 2- and 4-hour parking restrictions downtown in unarguably the hardest part of town to find parking? In the city’s quest for a revenue-generating scheme, they did not consider the needs of the employees who work there.

I was excited to start working in the heart of the city, anticipating the restaurants and shops galore I could peruse on my lunch break. Instead, I must spend my half-hour lunch break moving my car to avoid getting a parking ticket.

The most frustrating is not being able to move to any other open spot on the block since you cannot re-park on the same block face until another four hours have passed. Instead, I have the pleasure of circling the next few blocks hoping for some other unsuspecting bloke to head off on their lunch break so I can swoop in and take the spot they just vacated. If I’m having a good day, I may get lucky and find a spot within 2-3 blocks. On unlucky days I get to park in the back of the Holiday Station Store four blocks away and pray they don’t notice.

I am on three different parking lot waiting lists for a reserved spot, a spot I get the honor of paying $55 to $75 a month for. But with parking tickets at $20 a pop, it seems like the best solution available. The city of Fargo needs to reign in their greed and find a solution.

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