Abortion is murder. Both father and mother are guilty. Taxpayers who support the governments that finance abortion clinics are guilty.

The millisecond the ovum is united with the sperm a fetus is formed. That fetus is a beloved child of God.

The second that fetus is killed, murder has occurred. No murderer enters heaven. The doctors and nurses aren't exempt, either.

The only way to avoid this crime and punishment is to avoid unwanted conception in the first place.

How can that be done?

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Satan-inspired "sex education" in the schools has not done it.

Actually, at birth, children are endowed with the knowledge of what's good and what's evil. If not confused by misguided education, well-informed parents, they will choose abstinence.

Our need and responsibility is to educate for dedicated and responsible parenting. Age 10 is not too soon to start this education, as many children are parents before they graduate from high school.

Valuable school time should not be wasted on sex education. The kids already have it.

The knowledge of correct parenting seems to be nowhere. Setting up the proper curriculum to teach effective parenting is daunting.

Morons could have written the current sex education curriculum, but it will probably require rocket scientists to design a comprehensive curriculum for the teaching of effective, responsible parenting. They must be found and put to work. The sooner, the better.