On the 75th anniversary of D-Day, the liberal media, both print and television, had to bring in politics and take their usual stabs of insults toward President Trump.

I respect the memories of the men who hit the beaches of Normandy and honor their sacrifices. But let's face it, if Europe could have gotten their houses in order and challenged Hitler and the Nazis early on, there never would have been a World War II, let alone a D-Day.

Now Europe has Democratic countries, but it wasn't too long ago when monarchs, kings, czars, and other despots ruled these lands. And they were always fighting among each other, changing alliances to fit their own needs and ambitions. And in two wars, they dragged America into the conflict.

As a result, thousand of young Americans died, including on the beaches of Normandy. The news media accuses Trump of being an isolationist. But remember, both Wilson and Roosevelt wanted to keep America out of foreign wars. The world is too connected now to enjoy the luxury of isolationism.

One more thing on Normandy: The Soviets under Stalin threatened a separate peace with Hitler and the Nazis if the West did not open a second front. In fact, he wanted his Western allies to invade in 1942. Friends who have visited Normandy say that those cliffs the American Rangers climbed under stress and fire was downright suicidal. The cliffs should have softened up a lot more before we sent young men to their deaths. Brave men, bad decisions by generals, admirals and politicians. We needed Stalin and the Soviet soldiers to beat the Nazis, but the Soviets also needed America...very badly. An alliance with Stalin was an evil necessity, but remember, the Soviets started the war as allies of the Nazis. But on an anniversary like the D-Day landing should be strictly to honor the memory of those who fought and died, and to thank the few survivors of that frightful day. Please leave politics alone for at least for one day.