Last week we witnessed the anniversary of a very important event in the history of the world: the launching of allied troops at Normandy, France. We’ve all seen clips of these brave American troops storming the beaches of Normandy facing certain death. This did not deter our troops and those of Britain and Canada as they went on to push the Germans off the French beaches and continued their march across France to the heart of Germany in the famous D-Day attack, the most significant victory for the allies in World War II.

Representing the United States at the 75th Anniversary of D-Day was President Trump, and after watching the entire ceremony I wonder if he was really qualified to even be present at the event. Here was our present leader looking over the neatly lined crosses of brave men that gave their lives, so he could live the life he has and could be a president. That gift seems to have escaped Trump.

Trump has used the gifts of life and freedom to file several bankruptcies, so he wouldn’t have to pay taxes. No one knows even today if he has ever paid taxes or supported the military in any way. He has managed to demean the sacrifice of a Gold Star military family and has attacked a decorated prisoner of war and his family, even after his death. As recently as this year Trump wanted to pull out of NATO, the very organization these brave Americans were fighting to save.

I don’t believe Trump was qualified to represent the United States at this solemn event. Our military and veterans deserved better.

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