In response to Jim Shaw’s column, "Gay conversion therapy is legalized torture," published June 8:

What’s really a shame is when politicians and activists campaign for alternative lifestyles that the Bible clearly calls an abomination. What’s even more upsetting is when God-fearing business people are threatened with legal action if they won’t participate in events celebrating these lifestyles. One Christian baker who already won a Supreme Court case supporting his decision not to make a same-sex wedding cake is being sued again for not making a cake acknowledging a gender transition.


The gay conversion therapy Shaw described would be torture for individuals who prefer to remain the way they are. However, I know individuals who have been delivered from abnormal sexual desires. One of them is Luca, a former lesbian who now has a ministry called Over The Rainbow that reaches out to the LGBT community in the Twin Cities area. She boldly and compassionately lets them know there is a better way. A few years ago in Charleston, S.C., I did street ministry with a man named Marty who admitted he used to wear women’s clothes until God set him free from gender confusion.

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I also read about one minister named Bob Rogers who was at an all-night prayer meeting when a man confessed to having been involved in two homosexual relationships. The guilt upon this man had driven him to church. The man shared that he had been sodomized as a pre-teen, which left terrible scars on his life. The minister instructed him to fast for 21 days. At the end of the fast, this man was totally delivered from homosexual desires. He later became a leader in the church.

Just like those with drug and alcohol addictions, those addicted to deviant sexual behaviors can be free if they want to be.

Post is a native of Fargo-Moorhead currently serving as a missionary in Ashland, Va.