In response to Eric Johnson's letter, "I'm tired of non-veterans using service members to make a political argument," published June 12:

I would firstly like to thank Eric Johnson for his military service. You guys are the true heroes and that can't be overstated.


However, if I may say, if our disdain at Trump's involvement on the D-Day is disrespectful to the Office of the President, shouldn't you hold Trump to the same standard? Is it acceptable that he used an interview on the backdrop of a cemetery that is eternal to the U.S. heroes to insult heroes like Robert Mueller? If not, then shouldn't your ire be directed at him first until he starts to respect the office and acknowledge that he is the president, not just the conservatives that support him?

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The president has demonstrated time and again that his mission is to divide and rule. He continues to insult even heroes for as long as they dared to disagree with him. Such behavior goes against the very founding ideals of the most revered country and the Office of the Presidency and to call us out when we speak the truth against him is to condone his use of the office to divide and conquer. That behavior is foreign.