Sometimes I have to read an opinion piece twice to double check the level of it's absurdity. For this letter, "Gay conversion therapy can work and should not be banned," by Todd Post, I had to read it five times. And, yes, it ranks as one of the most absurd I've read in my life.


For him to compare drug addiction and homosexuality as if they're at all the same not only offends me as a recovering alcoholic, but also as a somewhat intelligent human being.

The amount of time I spent as a suffering alcoholic is not something I'm proud of, but it's something I overcame and still have to work at. Homosexuality, unlike alcoholism, is something to embrace and celebrate, because it's love. Alcoholism is terrible, being gay is not.

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Perhaps Post should consider Christian Conversion Therapy if this is the tactic he's going to use to spread his faith. The difference between Christianity and homosexuality is that Christians are typically encouraged to donate their time and money to a tax free clubhouse, whereas LGBTQ people just hang out and fall in love, because they're human beings, just like you (without your impressive social awareness).