In response to Todd R. Post’s letter to the editor, “Gay conversion therapy can work and should not be banned,” published June 13:

We must constantly remind ourselves that while our society has made great progress with loving and accepting our LGBTQ+ neighbors, there is still much to be done in ensuring their safety and guarantee of the same opportunity of prosperity, and the letter written by Post is no exception to that reminder.


Instead of going into the details of why conversion therapy doesn't work and is extremely dangerous (there are plenty of articles online for you to read), I have decided to write a message to the LGBTQ+ community:

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You are loved. You are accepted. You are beautiful. We support you and want to ensure that you can live the life you were born to live as your true self. We will continue to fight for your safety, to ban conversion therapy in every state, and to stop the discrimination you face every day. We will work for the day that no LGBTQ+ person must live in the shadows any longer. You are our neighbors and we are yours.

We pray for all these things and will never stop fighting for the day that this will be true for everyone.