I would like to comment on Planned Parenthood and why we should not allow them to influence sex education in our schools. First and foremost, Planned Parenthood is the leading provider of abortion in America. They do not "plan" anything. The organization is in business to promote and encourage abortion.

Planned Parenthood pushes sexual activity by normalizing what they refer to as "safe sex." For them, sexual activity is their bread and butter. Their only “medical services” are contraception and birth control kits. It is how they promote sexual relationships for their benefit. Abstinence is not in their best interests. According to the World Health Organization, there are currently over 30 distinct STDs and over a million new cases of sexually transmitted infections occur each day. Planned Parenthood is lying when they push "safe sex." There is nothing "safe" about casual sex outside of marriage. Abstinence makes the most sense because it is 100% effective.

Is teaching abstinence unrealistic? An a letter published June 7, Carrie Leopold state she thinks the current 1,560 children in our foster care system will somehow infiltrate our schools and encourage sexual behavior with other kids. She believes it is “absurd” to expect kids to not to have sex until marriage and that “two-thirds of them will have sexual encounters before they graduate.”


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I don’t agree with her skepticism. I have faith in our young adults. Abstinence-based sex education will prevent sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancies. I would also suggest the curriculum include lessons on respect. If our young adults were taught to respect other person’s bodies as well as their own body, sexual encounters would not be pressured or expected.

A recent Forum editorial stated we need effective, evidence-based sex education for our children to avoid and reduce abortions. It also states that North Dakota law requires abstinence-based sex education to address “the risks associated with adolescent sexual activity.” North Dakota’s abstinence-based sex education requirement and its common sense restrictions on abortion which includes parental consent, a reflection period, and no taxpayer funding have decreased abortion rates. I applaud North Dakota’s wisdom.

Our primary concern should be our children’s physical, mental and spiritual health. Abstinence from sex before marriage would ensure it. If we could focus on abstinence-based sex education we could put Planned Parenthood out of business in North Dakota. It might even catch on in Minnesota. I don’t think I’m being unrealistic. In fact, it’s how it used to be.