Early last week I was on a recumbent bike ride in south Fargo in the Woodhaven area near Kennedy School. The city has recently installed a pedestrian/bike traffic control device to help persons cross the four-lane 43rd St. S. just south of the Kennedy playing fields and continuing east, just south of the Microsoft campus.

As I was approaching 43rd Street from the west, I looked to the north and saw a MATBUS southbound in the curb lane. I pulled up to the control device and pressed the button, thinking there would be a wait before I got a go-ahead from the device. To my surprise, the bus began to slow preparing to stop and allow me to cross. After she, or he, was at a complete stop I began to cross the street.

All of a sudden, the MATBUS driver began to honk the horn wildly, frantically. Quickly stopping, I couldn't imagine what I might have done wrong. In an instant it became clear. The bus driver knew something that I didn't know. Approaching the crosswalk at a fairly high rate of speed was a driver who was planning to blow the crossing light. The angry bus horn apparently caught the attention of the driver of the car as well, as she slid to a stop, the front of the car in the walkway. The size of the massive bus had completely occluded my view of the car slowly gaining on the rear corner of the bus while in the center-most lane.

Shaken to the core, I proceeded to cross the walkway. Had the driver been less alert, and not taken action, I would not be writing this letter today. Please help me thank him or her for preserving my life. Bless you, stranger.

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