Those we have elected to federal office are supposed to represent North Dakota. The intentional cruelty the refugee children are being subjected to does not represent the values of this North Dakotan.

Children are packed into cells designed to hold a lot fewer people than they are holding. It looks too much like the Nazis cramming our Jewish brothers and sisters into train cars. Children under ten are caring for infants. There is no soap, toothpaste, nor toothbrushes. Children are sleeping on concrete floors with blankets that resemble tin foil. The lights are never shut off. This amounts to torture.

If you have no issues with these refugee children being treated like this, I urge you to contact those who represent you in Bismarck and tell them you want North Dakota children to be treated the same way. Parent gets a traffic ticket, send their children to a detention camp. If our lawmakers in Bismarck won’t go for this, you can always lock your own children in the garage without their basic hygiene needs being met. They’ll be comfortable on the cement floor with a tin foil blanket. If you don’t want the children of North Dakota treated the way the refugee children are treated, the only conclusion I can draw is that you are a bigot.

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