In regards to the story "A memory care patient in Fargo died after a fight but no one is facing criminal charges," published June 25: I know your job is to sell papers. I get it.

What I don't get is your front page article and video of the "fight" between two gentleman afflicted with some form of mental issue while residing at a local memory care facility. Really? This is how you sell papers? Was there any need to show the video? Was it necessary to include the men's names?


The incident may have been a "homicide" by the strictest of definitions, but following investigation, no charges against Lyman were filed. Yet, The Forum deemed it necessary to publish names and video of the tragic incident. Really?

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Imagine the additional pain and stress you created for these two families? One family lost a loved one twice — once to memory loss and secondly to a tragic accident. The other family lost a loved one to dementia and must deal with the "refreshed" memory of said tragic accident. And now everyone in the metro knows names, faces and the families affected by this tragic accident.

Did The Forum spend any time with each of these families? Find out how dementia/memory loss continues to affect their lives and loved ones on a daily basis? Discuss the stress of locating a facility to place their loved one with dementia/memory issues? The financial nightmare associated with dementia/memory loss care? I doubt it. Because if they had, more than likely an "accidental death" would have been reported and nothing more.

Our local facilities and their well-trained staff do a fabulous job caring for our loved ones afflicted with memory loss/dementia. I should know — my father suffers from Fronto-Temporal Dementia with Primary Progressive Aphasia and resides with Lyman at a local memory care unit.

I find the whole article and video equal parts despicable, disrespectful and discouraging.