I wanted to offer some comments on Mike McFeely’s column, "Don’t like Rapinoe’s “disrespect” for Trump? Blame President Trump," published July 10:

First, as a conservative, I’m not doing any of the things you indicated, Mike. I’m not having a conniption fit as you think, nor are any of my GOP friends. This is still a free country, and people can say what they want. I don’t think that Nike having Colin Kaepernick as a spokesman is a conservative's nightmare or torment for the right.

I think the point of your column was to highlight that because Trump is Trump means that no one is expected to be better than he is, or even as good. Your column pretty much said that personal accountability is no longer anything to possess or care about. Trump is the cause of all the disrespectful behavior, because he is viewed as such. If no one is expected to be better than Trump, why does Trump need to be better than he is? Is it because he is president? Nobody respects that. You said so yourself.

There are a lot of instances in which Trump is very un-presidential in his comments and tweets. But if people despise that behavior, why do they aspire to be even worse? Doesn’t make much sense to me.

You also indicated that as a result of the lack of respect being shown right now, we will be a lesser nation because of it. I agree with you on this. You went on to say that it will continue in the future, regardless of who is in the White House. Hypothetically, let’s say that it is the year 2022, and there is a Democratic president. Someone shows the president a lack of respect over something. Are you honestly making the statement in your column that at that point in history, it will still be Trump’s fault?

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When Trump says something that shows a lack of tact or respect, it is his fault. When a sports figure shows the president a lack of respect, it is their fault. Everyone always has the opportunity to take the high road.