Regarding the very sad and ongoing case of Andrew Sadek:

Sadek's body was found in the Red River in July of 2014. He’d been shot in the head, wearing a backpack stuffed with rocks, obviously to weigh the body down.

Not well-schooled Wahpeton officials chose to label it a suicide as no weapon was found (In the water? Guns don’t float away). This alone would be suspicious.

Bear in mind this erroneous conclusion would make their jobs much easier.


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I have questions:

  • Why was Deputy Sheriff Jason Weber not relieved of duty for collusion after interviewing Sadek? When watching the video one could see he is trained in “Not Lying” but cleverly taught to control an interview using threats and scare tactics. Reputable law enforcement agencies would fire any such officers as their court testimonies would be subject to scrutiny.
  • What was the reason for the very long delay with North Dakota State College of Science and local law enforcement agencies providing necessary documents? Just inept? Overworked? Incapable?
  • How come so-called judge jay schmitz (I refuse to capitalize his name and title) did not recuse himself from this case, being friends with the defendants?
  • SEMCA (South East Multi-County Agency) should change their name to SEMCU (Southeast Multi-County Unable To Perform Their Duties with available funds, instead recruiting young teens, putting them at risk).
  • What pitiful role did campus officers Sgt. Steven Helgenson and Harvey Link, vice president for academic and student affairs at NDSCS play in this? Investigating? Interviewing people? Nothing? I’m thinking they are not trained for situations of this caliber.
  • I must add John Burton’s comment that "Supposedly other people’s reviews of police malffeasance [sic] by other people in that field are just a charade”. Huh? Oh, I guess we are not intelligent enough to comment,
  • Lastly, where is our inept so called North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem? Yes, the one who won’t take phone calls, is unreachable, makes numerous mistakes, totally unfit for this position (assuming he may have a law degree).

I tire with the inadequacy of law enforcement officers and public officials who are unable to perform their jobs.

And grateful to live in Fargo with a wonderful Police Department and competent County Sheriff’s Department, both very professional.

Also kudos to Attorney Tim O’Keefe and Associates for their passionate and continual representation of the Sadeks. Mr. O’Keefe comes from a very respected and moral family in Grand Forks.