I despise Trump because he has shown us over and over who he really is. Even if I agreed with all of his policies I would still find him a truly despicable man. Here’s a list off the top of my head of things he’s done or said that show us he is not a man of good character.

  • He mocked a reporter’s disability.
  • He’s insulted more than one Gold Star family.
  • He said he didn’t like John McCain because he was captured. I agreed with McCain on some issues and disagreed on others, but I never questioned his love of country.
  • He’s called multiple women ugly using different insults.
  • He speaks of his daughter in sexual terms. I know Dad loves me and I also know he would never refer to me or my sisters as “a piece of ass.” Don’t think Dad is an exception here.
  • He boasted about going backstage at a teen pageant while the girls were in various stages of undress.
  • He bragged about groping women because “when you’re a star they let you do it.” No, Donny, they are so stunned by your behavior they don’t know how to react.
  • He has called out multiple citizens to insult. No other U.S. president has called out and bullied citizens. Colin Kaepernick and Megan Rapinoe come to mind immediately. Trump going after individuals can be a threat to their safety. We can disagree with others, but our president should be above all of this. The president should never, ever single out a citizen to insult.
  • He didn’t denounce those in Charlottesville shouting “Jews will not replace us.”
  • The Supreme Court has ruled against his citizenship question on the census and he is trying to get around it. No president is legally allowed to do an end around on the Supreme Court.

This is not fake news reported by the “mainstream media.” These are things he is on camera saying. In my years of following politics, I have never seen a president who doesn’t think he needs to represent all Americans and not just his base once elected.


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He has shown us over and over that he’s not the sharpest pencil in the box. Recently, he said that our military defended the airports during the Revolutionary War and the Coast Guard was at Omaha Beach. He blamed this on the teleprompter malfunctioning, which means it came out of his brain.

We all make gaffes, but with him they seem to be the norm.

If you agree with his politics that’s one thing, but if you think he’s a decent man defend him on facts. Don’t tell me my blind hatred doesn’t permit me to see the facts because I’ve stated some of my reasons.

We are so divided as a nation. I haven’t changed, you probably haven’t changed. What’s changed? The tone set by the individual in the Oval Office.