My apologies to Trump fans, but “Make America Great Again” is a sick joke carefully crafted to keep you in the dark. It is nothing more than another variation of the old “switch and bait” routine. President Trump promised that his tax cuts would benefit the poor and middle class, but he, his wealthy friends and corporations get most of it. Five years from now, we, the little people, will have our taxes increased. He and his wealthy supporters will not.

They rave about how well the economy is doing, but in reality it’s all based on debt. Since his taking office, we have run up an additional $2 trillion in debt. No wonder we have a great economy. We are living on future debt. It’s like putting your lifestyle on a credit card. Someday, somehow our drunken spending party will have to end. To believe that a strong economy will cut deficits is a wishful thinking. It’s counting your chickens before they are hatched. We cannot continuously push expenses into the future and cover them by printing more money. Eventually, money will have to be attached to some value. Otherwise it’s worthless.

I do not profess to know why so many former Republicans fail to support fiscal responsibility. Perhaps, it is because the Republican Party is dead and that thinking has been replaced by Trump, a man who has used debt throughout his business career. Whenever his business deals went sour, he would simply declare bankruptcy, walk away and borrow more money from the Russians. As you may know, American banks refused to lend him money. Whenever the bottom drops out and this country goes broke will we have to ask the Russians for money, or will we add to what we already owe to the Chinese?

Of course, Trump and the former Republicans will blame it on entitlement programs such as Medicare and Social Security. In the meantime they have achieved their number one mission of lining the pockets of the super wealthy. This strategy does not bode well for our country. We cannot live on fake money and expect to be a great country. It’s not reality.

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