The day after Donald Trump was elected president of the United States, hard core leftists, Democrats and many Republicans began conniving to remove Trump from office. Things have moderated since the Mueller witch hunt ended. Most of these same people still want Trump gone but they are lying low. However, the hard core leftists who are in the process of taking over the Democrat Party haven't given up and are instead doubling down.

The hard core leftists include the four ladies in the so-called "squad," plus many other Democrats in Congress. Also to be included are many letter writers to opinion pages, left-wing columnists, the fake news media, many college professors and their allies in the violent left, including Antifa.

Today's constant blather from the left is that Trump is a racist. That's not true, of course; Trump isn't a racist; he'll fight back and defend America against any anti-American insulters of any color, race or religion. Thank you, Donald Trump.

If we're looking for racists in this country, we need look no further than all the people who are constantly screaming racism and who use the race card in order to divide Americans and thus gain monetarily, politically or both.

Former president Obama, Jesse Jackson and today's hard core leftists have spent more time igniting racial conflict than anyone else in the last century.

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On a slightly different note, if polling data were to show that most illegal immigrants would probably vote Republican if given a chance, Democrats would vote to close the border in a heart beat. Concern for children be damned.