Mike Hulett’s letter published July 16 blaming Trump critics for the national divide left me open-mouthed. The national divide will continue to grow as long as this ignorant human in the White House remains unchecked. How long do we tolerate his despicable, divisive and criminal behavior?

Trump continues his vicious personal attacks on political rivals and those who disagree with him, especially women and people of color. He has denigrated, even on the world stage, our presidents, our statesmen, and our institutions and destroyed the United States’ respected position as world leader.

He goes gaga over powerful dictators and jokes with Putin about Russian hacking. His campaign aided and abetted Russian meddling in our elections, and Trump criminally obstructed justice at least a dozen times in his efforts to stop any investigation and to interfere with testimony. (See Mueller Report.)

Trump has declared himself above the law. He violates his Oath of Office to uphold the Constitution by refusing to recognize the powers of the other two equal branches of government. By the way, the Constitution gives Congress the subpoena power which Trump defies. You Republicans are willing to let Trump go unchecked just to advance your conservative agenda, just to return to the days when unregulated industry despoiled the environment at will and exploited our natural resources as well as workers, and when the nation did not recognize the right of every American to health care? The rule of law, not to mention morality, should triumph over partisan agenda.

And didn’t the Republican Party always claim to be the party of law enforcement? Apparently, they choose to overlook this administration’s unbelievable conflicts of interest, the president’s family hawking their wares from the White House, awarding favors to foreign business interests, and lining their pockets with money from foreign governments and American taxpayers when delegations stay at Trump Hotel and when the president’s extensive entourage frequents his private clubs. The Hatch Act and the Emoluments clause are among those laws disregarded by Trump.

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Unfortunately, Republicans cannot even engage in civil policy debates without distorting and grossly mis-representing Democratic policy positions (i.e. immigration, domestic spending, etc.) And the so-called Republican deficit hawks don’t seem to mind the lavish spending by this imperial president and the highest defense budget in history. Maybe take a look at past Republican administrations, beginning with deficit-spending Reagan—in particular the blank check Republicans always give to the Department of Defense. Donald Rumsfeld, during the Bush years, was saved by 9/11 from having to explain to Congress how the Pentagon lost track of a trillion dollars.